What Would the World Look Like Without Fun Gambling Superstitions?

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There are many superstitions that are prevalent in different cultures across the globe They are often connected to gambling, in particular. Since Australia is among the world’s top gamblers and we think it’d be interesting to investigate some of Australia’s most well-known or interesting superstitions that gamblers rely on to boost their chances of winning.

Without further delay Here are a few of the funniest and most bizarre beliefs you could discover if you ever travel to Australia .

No Dogs Allowed

In the past women were not permitted to travel on sailing vessels because their presence was believed to cause bad luck for those on the ship, who feared that the vessel would sink or be hijacked by pirates. While we haven’t been able to discover a real explanation for this belief, we do have to conclude that it is similar to the beliefs that Australian gamblers are aware of regarding dogs at gambling establishments. Australians believe that it’s not a good sign to keep pets near a casino table. Imagine that you’re an Aussie gambler who has an animal, and gamble a lot at home, on the internet. With all the new online casino review articles that recommend the most popular casinos to play at, online gaming is now a pleasurable pastime for a lot of enthusiastic gamers, and many have dogs. According to this myth you must ensure your dog isn’t sitting in the same space as you when playing your favorite games online on your PC.

Wear Something Red

Red is regarded as a lucky color throughout many societies around the world. In line with this, many Australians are seen wearing red caps, red tops and even red underwear when they hit the pokies Some even manage to win streaks and there’s something in this superstition that is worth investigating!

Never Say “7” When Playing Craps

When playing Craps Australians are careful not to say “seven” out loud. Why? They believe that it’s not luck even though they’re trying to see a seven land on the roll. Also, uttering the number loudly would be a big annoyance to all the other players in the room and make them lose their concentration. While 7 is a fortunate number to play an enjoyable game of slot machines but it has a totally different meaning and significance when playing craps. Make sure to be aware of this whenever you’re preparing to go to the floor at an Aussie casino.

Don’t Walk Through the Front Door

Some gamblers with superstitious beliefs will stay clear of entering the casino’s front entrance. They prefer to enter through a back or side entrance instead of the main entrance into the casino’s physical structure. The first time this was done was at the entryway of the MGM Grand Casino in Las Vegas in 1995. A huge lion was encircling the entrance and led to a lion’s stomach. A lot of gamblers who believe in superstition took this as a negative prediction and avoided casinos.

The most interesting aspect of this particular case is that the MGM Grand had to change the layout of their casino to ensure that their customers were satisfied. This is a myth which cost them lots of money for remodelling.

Hold On To Your Dice

Another intriguing superstition that many of Australians believe in is that of using the same dice during the same gaming session. It is believed to bring them luck, and it applies to the situation where the dice is accidentally dropped off the table. Although some casinos may bring brand new sets of dice in this case, when it occurs, the majority of Australian gamblers are likely to refuse to play with the brand new dice and insist on using the same dice which has been removed from the table.

Take Advantage Of (A) Beginner’s Luck

A lot of people will be delighted to have a person accompany them to casinos at first. This is especially true when the person who is accompanying them happens to be an aspiring newbie who is just beginning to get acquainted with gambling. The idea behind gambling virgins is that they are believed to be good signs and gamblers who remain with them and bet at the same table can anticipate to see the benefits flooding. Because gambling is an in-demand form of entertainment in the United States that it can be difficult to find an uninitiated casino player, so when you domeet one, make sure you ask them or her to join you for an enjoyable night at the casino.

These are just a few of the most intriguing superstitions gamblers in Australia often keep in mind when they are at the tables at casinos to get an extra shot of luck. Have you got any luck-related or superstitions that you would like to employ while playing?