The Mobile Phone With Amazing Features

The Vivo Y12 will be available in the next few months. This is one of the latest smartphones that have entered into the smartphone market. The price tag will come in a different package as this is one of the first smartphones to offer double screen functionality. The budgeted price of this gadget is $400.

The price of the Vivo Y12 will be more than competitive with the competition. But still, this gadget is in no way lagging behind the leading smart phones like the iPhone 7 Plus and the Samsung Galaxy S8. The Vivo Y12 has some of the features that can attract you towards purchasing it. For example, it has a large screen that grabs a lot of attentions from the audience, especially for the film buffs and the gamers. If you are a keen user of these gadgets then you will really find something great about the Y12.

Other features of the vivo y12 that differentiate it from its rivals is the inclusion of a fingerprint sensor in the form of the iris. This will help the users to gain entry into the device, as they can simply use their finger to unlock it. The Iris gesture recognizer inbuilt in this smartphone helps to perform fingerprint recognition without much effort. This is an amazing feature that makes it very attractive to the buyers.

The Camera Review Helpfully spares some interesting specifications of the vivo y12, which we would like to discuss in this Camera Review. The rear camera of the handset sports a 13 megapixel resolution. The front camera also has a similar resolution to the rear camera but comes vivo y12 with a bright mode, low light mode and a colour filter. The handset comes with two cameras on the rear and a single camera on the front for capturing both video and photos.

The battery life of the vivo y12 lasts till about twenty minutes. It can be further extended to forty minutes using the Quick Charge system. This makes it a great product for all those who are always on the go. The Camera Review mentions that this handset is a great product that can be bought at just about fifty dollars, but there are some people who have taken it for as low as twenty five dollars.

The built in memory of the vivo y12 has been rated as three hundred and twenty megabytes. This is quite an impressive figure, especially when you consider the many high-end smartphones that are available on the current market. There is also a support for High Definition Video recording, which means that you can shoot your favourite video clips and watch them on your HDTV. The built in camera of this smartphone also helps you in taking the images, so you need not worry about that. This multimedia feature of this smartphone is one of the best features that it has along with the rest of the unique selling points.