Online MLM – If You Want to Do This Prepare to Whack a Few People Over the Head

Online MLM is in the Dark Ages. I’ve said it before and I’ll keep saying it until we reach, oh, I don’t know, at least the Middle Ages. Don’t get me wrong, online MLM is happening, just in a warm market kind of way.

The majority of people participating in online MLM are using the internet as “just another avenue” for warm market prospecting. The online world is just another addition to three-way calls, meetings over coffee, and handing out DVDs. Now, in addition to these options, warm market MLM prospectors are also offering webinars and company-approved template websites.

This is all well and good because ANY progress toward online MLM marketing is a good thing.

Now for the Bad News about Online MLM

Sorry, there always seems to be some bad news that goes along with the good news. The good news is the MLM companies and leaders are encouraging people to use online methods for warm market prospecting.

The bad news is that these same people are, for the most part, completely ignoring the power of online MLM for cold market prospecting. This is plain stupid. Why? Well, let me ask you these two questions:

1. How many people are in your warm market?

2. How many people exist in the online cold market?

The ratio between warm market and cold market prospects is probably something like 1 to 100,000, or 1,000,000. No kidding. But, MLMers are so used to doing warm market prospecting that cold market prospecting is scary. Do not touch. Walk around it gingerly.

For MLM companies, the online world is very scary because they have so little control over what distributors put online. So they exercise vise-like control over what distributors can do online, basically limiting them to using websites only suitable to warm market prospecting. Blech!

MLM Companies Will Have to Cross the Cold Market Bridge Soon

This extreme caution and fear of cold market online MLM prospecting will have to end, and soon. The online world is exploding too fast for MLM companies not to take advantage of it. Plus, taking advantage of it isn’t hard to do. Yes, you have to follow FDA and FTC rules, but come on people… we’re all smart folks otherwise we wouldn’t be doing MLM. latest world news

So here’s the deal: if you want to explore online MLM marketing for cold market prospecting, chances are that you are running into some barriers in what you are able to implement online. You are probably also talking about this topic with your upline, who may be scratching their heads and thinking that you have perhaps been smoking something you shouldn’t, and are a little loco. In short, they don’t get the power of online MLM cold market prospecting.

So run this example by them and see if it does anything for them. Over the last decade I have developed an online MLM marketing system (thanks to a very understanding MLM company) that brings me double digit signups every single month. These signups happen completely on their own, and are from total strangers I have never met in my life. When I check email in the mornings, these signups (a mix of product sales and business builders) are simply there, waiting for me to complete the process.

Once the signups have been processed, I get in touch with these people and find out how much contact they want from me. Some want no contact, period. This is not unusual for people who operate online. They have busy lives and they just want a convenient place to order products. End of story. Other people, especially business builders, really want contact, and we go from strangers to business partners via email and phone conversations.

Now doesn’t this passive marketing system, which operates while I’m in bed, sound like something that would be useful to any MLM business builder who wants to build online?

Well, it exists and it works

It is also compliant with FDA and FTC rules. So, if you are running into barriers that keep you from using online MLM marketing as a cold-market prospecting tool, prepare to step up.

Prepare to be a leader

You’re going to have to educate your parent company, your upline, and your downline about the power of online marketing for cold market prospecting. You will have to educate them about how this can be done, and how approved warm market websites can be adapted to be cold market prospecting tools. The adaptations are not hard… it’s the mindsets that are hard to change.