Familiarity with different types of circulator pumps and its applications

Hot water return pumps can be divided into the following two categories:

Linear circulating pump

These types of circulator pumps that are connected to the circuit are available in various types, such as: single or twin circulating pumps and single-cycle or multi-cycle. Its body is mainly made of cast iron and the impeller inside this type of pump is made of polyamide. These butterflies have anti-rust properties. The linear circulator pump does not have negative suction and therefore for pumping fluid, the so-called fluid must be mounted on this type of pump.

Ground circulating pump

Large and heavy pumps and electric pumps should be used when the capacity of use is high and more. Because the circuit is not able to bear all this weight, it is placed on a chassis and on the ground. Vibration dampers are also used to reduce vibrations. These pumps are also called bottom suction or ground circulating pumps.

These types of pumps are also made of cast iron. The impeller inside these pumps is also made of brass or cast iron. These pumps themselves consist of two types of electric pumps and autoblocks, both of which differ in location and use.

Application of circulator pump

One of the main and basic functions of circulating pumps is to compensate for the reduction of frictional pressure of water flow inside pipes, fittings and coils used in closed heating and cooling systems. These pumps are also used in cases where the reverse return piping design has been done in large buildings. The pumps in this section have the task of providing the possibility of access to the lowest power and power required for uniform distribution of water flow in pipes and fittings and valves in all cooling and heating systems.

These pumps have different industrial and domestic applications. The main application of these pumps is in moving fluids with a minimum temperature of minus 10 and a maximum of 130 ° C. Other applications of these pumps are categorized for you:

Consumption hot water return pump: The reasons for using this type is that it must always circulate hot water in the pipes and inside the tank at the closest possible and most accessible position. The circulator pump is also called the hot water return pump.

Boiler water circulation pump

The pump used in hot water systems and home and central heating systems is called boiler water circulation pump.

Hot water pump

If coil sources or heat exchangers are used to supply hot water, separate pumps such as hot water pumps should be used separately to circulate hot water.