Best Sightseeing Tours in Venice


Shaped like a snail, Venice is divided into six sestieri, with the Grand Canal slicing through the middle. Each has its special character and the further you wander from St Mark’s Basilica, the more you’ll uncover an expression of authentic Venice. Nevertheless, you can’t go to the city without glimpsing some of its main attractions, and for St Mark’s my advice should be to get up super-early and aim for one of the morning Masses, starting from 7am. You’ll likely miss the worst of the crowds, experience the basilica as it is intended to be experienced (gawp up at the dazzling gold mosaic cupola) and be out before peak invasion.meander towards the Galleria dell’Accademia via San Polo’s main highlights. Keep ducking left for gorgeous Grand Canal views (some of the best palazzi line this stretch), then pause for a coffee in the pretty Campo San Polo before stopping at Chiesa di Santa Maria Gloriosa deiFrari. The plain red-brick exterior of the enormous gothic church belies its treasures within: functions by Donatello, Sansovino, Bellini and above all, on the high altar, Titian’s stunning painting Assumption of the Virgin (assuming it’s back from restoration), in addition to his quieter but no less impressive Pesaro Madonna altarpiece in the left aisle.


The worst times to see may be during the carnival and when it’s raining; Venice could possibly get very dark and rainy. Depending on whenever you visit, you could have even to purchase waterproof shoes, which can be bought on the streets for around €20. When it’s raining there are mosquitoes and occasional infestations of flies.The Veneto wine region of northeast Italy is most beneficial noted for its sparkling Proseccos. But this region (whose capital is Venice) produces a number of magnificent sparkling wines that differ with regards to the grapes and the production techniques used to create them.In Veneto, wine tourists can visit wineries steeped in history and culture while they soak in breathtaking landscapes, and sip sparkling wines at wine cellars, tasting rooms, and local restaurants.

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