Basic Training on AWS

If you’re interested in learning AWS today and searching for the most complete reference materials, books, tutorials, and online presentations then you’ve come to the correct place. In the past, we have offered free AWS eBooks and videos to quickly and easily learn AWS, free of charge. We have also offered free AWS training and exams to help passing professionals become proficient with their platform and to help new comers become ready-made experts. Today, I will share the latest AWS courses for beginning and advanced AWS users as well as offering some more advice for AWS certifications.

Before we jump into the detailed examination of our courses, let’s go over the basic foundational knowledge that you’ll need to succeed. For starters, I would like to quickly point out that while AWS is marketed as a product, it is really a community. Hence, one of the most important things that you will need to focus on when studying AWS are the core operational and technological aspects of the platform. If you do not pay attention to this content, you will not effectively understand and execute AWS using its resources. It is in this area that AWS offers two excellent e-books – The Definitive Guide to AWS and The definitive AWS E Charger.

As part of our goal to deliver the world with the most comprehensive and complete expert guidance around AWS, we have created two comprehensive AWS handbooks, the Inside Sales: Inside Social Computing series and Hands-On AWS. While both books provide exceptional content hoc aws around AWS, there is a clear distinction between the two books. For instance, in the former, we focus on the different ways to use AWS across different industries and devices, whereas in the latter, we focus on the broadest overview and application of AWS. We have always offered AWS beginners and professionals an open source code and data repository called aws-aws.

We believe that the real value of AWS courses is for developers who already have an understanding of the fundamentals and can translate the key points to their own specific business requirements. However, in order to take advantage of the real cost savings that can be achieved by combining AWS with EMC/MSR, it is also necessary for developers to have some hands-on experience. There are several ways to achieve this. For starters, you can leverage AWS’s free tools and applications such as the console and aws beta. Moreover, most developers find the real value in learning cloud computing through online courses or video tutorials.

There are a number of courses which are offered by AWS certified experts across the globe. Most of these courses involve either virtual or live sessions where the experts present their expertise on the various concepts and technologies of AWS. This is the reason why many people have considered signing up for AWS when deciding on investing in the platform. When considering signing up for any training courses offered by AWS, it is therefore important for you to ensure that the training provider you are considering has certified experts with at least five years of active experience in the field of enterprise cloud computing.

The other important consideration for your choosing training provider is whether or not they offer certification courses. Certification courses will enable you to demonstrate your knowledge of the advanced cloud solutions provided by AWS. AWS offers a number of AWS certification courses such as the latest AWS Certified Solution Partner (CSP) certification. If your chosen training provider cannot offer you an AWS CSP certification, then look for another provider with better customer service and assistance. By following these simple tips, you can easily choose the right training provider for your needs when it comes to studying AWS.