5 Best Water Sports Activities in Rio de Janeiro



Rio de Janeiro‘s heady blend of seaside, jungle, along with urban tradition has given rise to an insightful adventure activities. A strong social divide between the privileged best and also the overlooked poor produced among Rio’s most distinctive social innovations – the favela, or maybe shanty town. The latest developments in social policies have added favela tours to the summary of adventure pursuits within Rio and several outside nature programs. Now let’s check top 5 water sports in rio de janeiro.



You will find 2 types of the seahorse to find out here: the lengthy snouted seahorse and also the brief snouted seahorse. You’d believe from their unimaginative labels the seahorses would all seem pretty comparable (except for the length of their snouts) the way they are available in an enormous variety of colors that depend much more on genetics and their environment than the species name theirs, therefore you are going to see from orange to eco-friendly and most shades between.




Jericoacoara’s area, dispersing east to west on Ceara’s coastline is ideal for capturing the industry winds off Rio de janeiro. There are many windsurfing locations available including Paradise Lake, shallow lake, a long, ideal for novices. Waves within the sheltered bay are pretty mild, but outside could be very choppy and reach as many as 2 metres high, providing conditions that are good for freestylers. So that was novices, intermediates, and thrill riders looked after.




Prea Beach is really white long and level and it’s thumped by edge onshore winds. You are able to catch a wind here which is going to take you 10 miles or perhaps so down the seaside. When you are learning or maybe you would rather kite on the smooth there are a couple of lagoons close by. Best winds between December and June, between twenty and thirty five knots – the locals claim. Bring smaller kites if you’ve them and ensure you love sea food – it is a fishing port and also you cannot obtain a great deal different to eat.




It is not surprising that Brazil is gaining a load of press attention these days. With more than 300 km of clear-out coastline mostly drivable along the sand, there is no shortage of kite spots. It’s a downwinders’ damp fantasy. Most kiters remain in Cumbuco as it is just forty-five minutes from the terminal, but there are plenty of better, much less choppy areas. The most effective places in the area are Paracuru, Flexieries, Lagoinha, Jericoacoara, and Area. Each offers its own community variety and feel of the terrain. The wind is constant coming from July to December with 18 35+ knots as you progress the coast. Brazil has everything – waves, flat water lagoons and the very best downwinders you will actually experience.




Stand upwards paddleboarding is starting to be ever more popular across the planet, and Brazil is no different. One of the more flexible board sports there’s, you are able to get it done to improve your fitness and health, look down to find out under the crystal clear waters off Brazil’s Atlantic Coast, and merely just to de stress and unwind. As well as targeted SUP, you are able to enjoy fishing, surfing, and yoga from the rear of your respective paddleboard. And unlike several of the other WATER SPORTS with this list, you do not have to hit the beach! You will really feel equally as at home paddling across among Brazil’s impressive lagoons, like Lago Paranoa in Brasilia or maybe the Conceicao Lagoon in Florianopolis, as you’d from Rio’s popular Copacabana.

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